IGNOU Guess Paper 2023

An IGNOU Guess Paper is recommended for IGNOU students to score better in their exams. So, most of the students go online to get it. But do you know that getting them is not an easy task? Yes, it is not. IgnouAssignmentSolve represents a series of the most accurate IGNOU guess papers 2023 in PDF. These series are a set of previous year’s questions and highly predictable upcoming questions. We prepare all our IGNOU solved guess papers in this way, which must help IGNOU students get the highest marks in all their exams. Because it is our responsibility to give them what they deserve.

What exactly IGNOU solved Guess Papers are?

If you are new to IGNOU and don’t know anything about guess papers, then you landed at the right place. Guess papers make predictions about what sort of questions might be asked on an exam based on previous patterns. So, with the help of previous exams, these guess papers are created. These guess papers are so important because they cover 50 % to 60 % of exams. They are also more important for those who have no time to prepare for the IGNOU exam for any reason. So, if you work for a living and don’t have enough time to prepare for an exam, IGNOU solved guess papers become more necessary for you. With the help of them, you can not only pass the exam but also get good marks. 

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We provide all IGNOU guess paper 2023 online so that you don’t need to go anywhere. Below are some examples that you can see. Just call or WhatsApp us and we will give you your desired subject guess paper at a reasonabe price on the spot.

ignou guess paper      ignou guess paper

 IGNOU Bachelor degree   Guess Paper 2022-2023

BA (Honours) Bachelor of Arts with Honours DOWNLOAD
BCA Bachelor in Computer Application DOWNLOAD
BAG Bachelor of Arts (General) DOWNLOAD
BCOM Bachelor in Commerce DOWNLOAD
BA Bachelor of Arts DOWNLOAD
BAVTM Bachelor of Arts (Vocational Studies) Tourism Management DOWNLOAD
BED Bachelor in Education DOWNLOAD
BCOMG Bachelor of Commerce DOWNLOAD
BAG Bachelor of Arts Question Paper DOWNLOAD
BSC (Honours) Bachelor of Science (Honours) DOWNLOAD
BSCG Bachelor of Science (General) DOWNLOAD
BSCG Bachelor of Science DOWNLOAD
BSWG Bachelor of Social Work DOWNLOAD
BCA Bachelor of Computer Applications DOWNLOAD
B.COM Bachelor of Commerce DOWNLOAD
B.Ed. Bachelor of Education DOWNLOAD
BAEGH Bachelor of Arts (Hons) ENGLISH DOWNLOAD
DWED Diploma in Women’s Empowerment and Development DOWNLOAD
BLIS Bachelor of Library and Information Science DOWNLOAD

IGNOU Master degree Guess Paper 2022-2023

MA Master of Arts DOWNLOAD
MA Philosophy | MPY DOWNLOAD
MA in Political Science | MPS DOWNLOAD
MAH Master of Arts (History) DOWNLOAD
MCA (Revised) Master of Computer Applications DOWNLOAD
MSO Master of Arts (Sociology) DOWNLOAD
M.COM Master of Commerce DOWNLOAD
MAPC Master of Arts (Psychology) DOWNLOAD
MLIS Master of Library and Information Science DOWNLOAD
MEC Master of Arts (Economics) DOWNLOAD
M.Sc. Master of Science DOWNLOAD
MPA Master of Arts (Public Administration) DOWNLOAD
MSCDFSM Master of Science (Food Nutrition) DOWNLOAD
MLIS Master of Library and Information Sciences DOWNLOAD
MSW Master of Social Work DOWNLOAD
MAAN Master of Arts (Anthropology) DOWNLOAD
MAJMC Master of Arts (Journalism and Mass Communication) DOWNLOAD
MTM Master of Arts (Tourism Management) DOWNLOAD
MAGPS Master of Arts (Gandhi and Peace Studies) DOWNLOAD
MARD Master of Arts (Rural Development) DOWNLOAD
PGCGPS Post Graduate Certificate in Gandhi and Peace Studies DOWNLOAD
MSCDFSM Master of Science Degree in Dietetics and Food Service Management DOWNLOAD
PGDAE Post Graduate Diploma in Adult Education DOWNLOAD
MSCCFT Master of Science (Counselling and Family Therapy) DOWNLOAD
PGDCA (New) Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications DOWNLOAD
MSW Master of Social Work DOWNLOAD
PGDDM Post Graduate Diploma in Disaster Management DOWNLOAD
MSWC Master of Social Work (Counselling) DOWNLOAD
PGDEMA Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Management and Administration DOWNLOAD
MADE Master of Arts (Distance Education) DOWNLOAD
PGDESD Post Graduate Diploma in Environment and Sustainable Development DOWNLOAD
MAAE Master of Arts (Adult Education)                                           DOWNLOAD

IGNOU Post Graduate Certificate Guess Paper

PGCCL Post Graduate Certificate in Cyber Law DOWNLOAD
ACPDM Advanced Certificate in Power Distribution Management DOWNLOAD
PGCAE Post Graduate Certificate in Adult Education DOWNLOAD
PGCAP Post Graduate Certificate in Agriculture Policy DOWNLOAD
PGCCC Post Graduate Certificate in Climate Change DOWNLOAD
PGCIATIVI Post Graduate Certificate in Information and Assistive Technologies for the Instructors of Visually Impaired DOWNLOAD
PGCINDS Post Graduate Certificate in Industrial Safety DOWNLOAD
PGCPP Post Graduate Certificate in Patent Practice DOWNLOAD
PGCGPS Post Graduate Certificate in Gandhi and Peace Studies DOWNLOAD
PGCGI Post Graduate Certificate in Geoinformatics DOWNLOAD
PGCI PWSPost Graduate Certificate in Inventory Planning and Warehousing for Engineers DOWNLOAD
PGCMDM Post Graduate Certificate in Medical Management of CBRNE Disasters DOWNLOAD
PGCMHT Post Graduate Certificate in Malayalam-Hindi Translation DOWNLOAD
PGDIBO Post Graduate Diploma in International Business Operations DOWNLOAD
PGCBHT Post Graduate Certificate in Bangla-Hindi Translation        DOWNLOAD       

IGNOU Post Graduate Diploma Programme Guess Paper

PGDDVS POST Diploma in Development Studies DOWNLOAD
PGDCOUN Graduate Diploma in Counselling DOWNLOAD
PGDCJ Post Graduate Diploma in Criminal Justice DOWNLOAD
PGDDM Post Graduate Diploma in Disaster Management DOWNLOAD
PGDHE Post Graduation Diploma In Higher Education DOWNLOAD
PGDWGS/MAWGS PGD/MA Degree in Women’s and Gender Studies DOWNLOAD
PGDAE Post-Graduate Diploma in Adult Education DOWNLOAD
PGDAW Post Diploma in Animal Welfare DOWNLOAD
PGDIDM Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Media DOWNLOAD
PGDT Post Diploma in Translation DOWNLOAD
PGDHIVM Post Graduate Diploma in HIV Medicine DOWNLOAD
PGDRD Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Development DOWNLOAD
PGDET Post Graduate Diploma In Educational Technology DOWNLOAD
PGDBP Post-Graduate Diploma in Book Publishing DOWNLOAD
PGDFSQM PG Diploma In Food Safety And Quality Management DOWNLOAD
PGDAPP Post Graduate Diploma In Audio Programme Production DOWNLOAD
PGDIS POST Diploma in Information Security DOWNLOAD
PGDSS Post Graduate Diploma in Sustainability Science DOWNLOAD
PGDDC Post Graduate Diploma In Development Communictaion DOWNLOAD
PGDIPR Post Graduate Diploma In Intellectual Property Rights DOWNLOAD
PGDCA-(NEW) Post-graduate Diploma In Computer Applications DOWNLOAD
PGDPPEd Post Graduate Diploma in Pre-primary Education DOWNLOAD
PGDMCH Post Graduate Diploma in Maternal and Child Health DOWNLOAD
PGDGPS Post Graduate Diploma in Gandhi and Peace Studies DOWNLOAD
PGDFCS Post Graduate Diploma In Folklore And Culture Studies DOWNLOAD
PGDAC Post Graduate Diploma in Analytical Chemistry DOWNLOAD
PGDHHM Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital and Health Management DOWNLOAD
PGDSLM Post-Graduate Diploma in School Leadership and Management DOWNLOAD
PGDFMP Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Markets Practice DOWNLOAD

IGNOU Diploma Programme Guess Paper

DEVMT Diploma in Event Management DOWNLOAD
DWED Diploma in Women’s Empowerment and Development DOWNLOAD
DIR Diploma in Retailing DOWNLOAD
DCCN Diploma in Critical Care Nursing DOWNLOAD
DWM Diploma in Watershed Management DOWNLOAD
DIM Diploma in Management DOWNLOAD
DIPP Diploma in Paralegal Practice DOWNLOAD
DDT Diploma in Dairy Technology DOWNLOAD
DVAPFV Diploma in Value Added Products from Fruits & Vegetables DOWNLOAD
DAQ Diploma in Aquaculture DOWNLOAD
DPVE Diploma in Value Education DOWNLOAD
DAFE Diploma in HIV and Family Education DOWNLOAD
DNHE Diploma in Nutrition & Health Education DOWNLOAD
DTS Diploma in Tourism Studies DOWNLOAD
DHORT Diploma in Horticulture DOWNLOAD
DMOP Diploma in Modern Office Practice DOWNLOAD
DNA Diploma in Nursing Administration DOWNLOAD
DECE Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education DOWNLOAD
DTG Diploma in Teaching German as a Foreign Language DOWNLOAD
DCE Diploma in Creative Writing in English DOWNLOAD
DBPOFA Diploma in Business Process Outsourcing Finance and Accounting DOWNLOAD
DPLAD Diploma in Panchayat Level Administration and Development DOWNLOAD
DTH Diploma in Theatre Arts DOWNLOAD
DUL Diploma Programme in Urdu DOWNLOAD
DTG Diploma in Teaching German as a Foreign Language DOWNLOAD

IGNOU Certificate Programme Guess paper

CFDE Certificate in Fashion Design DOWNLOAD
CTS Certificate in Tourism Studies DOWNLOAD
CNM Certificate in NGO Management DOWNLOAD
CCR Certificate Programme in Community Radio DOWNLOAD
CIB Certificate in Bee Keeping DOWNLOAD
CIT Certificate in Information Technology DOWNLOAD
CAHT Certificate In Anti Human Trafficking DOWNLOAD
CDM Certificate Programme In Disaster Management DOWNLOAD
CIHL Certificate In International Humanitarian Law DOWNLOAD
CFN Certificate in Food and Nutrition DOWNLOAD
CES Certificate in Environmental Studies DOWNLOAD
CHCWM Certificate in Health Care Waste Management DOWNLOAD
CPY Certificate Programme in Yoga DOWNLOAD
CIS Certificate in Sericulture DOWNLOAD
CRD Certificate in Rural Development DOWNLOAD
CPHA Certificate Course in Phlebotomy Assistance DOWNLOAD
ACISE Advanced Certificate In Information Security DOWNLOAD
CGDA Certificate Course in General Duty Assistance DOWNLOAD
COF Certificate in Organic Farming DOWNLOAD
CAFE/DAFE Diploma in HIV and Family Education DOWNLOAD
BPCCHN/CCH Certificate in Community Health for Nurses DOWNLOAD
CHR Certificate in Human Rights DOWNLOAD
CFE Certificate Programme in Functional English DOWNLOAD
CAHC Certificate in Adolescent Health and Counselling DOWNLOAD
ACPDM Advanced Certificate in Power Distribution Management DOWNLOAD
CIG Certificate In Guidance DOWNLOAD
CNCC Certificate in Nutrition and Childcare DOWNLOAD
CUL Certificate in Urdu Language DOWNLOAD
CCPD Certificate of Competency in Power Distribution DOWNLOAD
CLIS Certificate Programme in Library and Information Science DOWNLOAD

These are just a sample of the guess papers we provide. Doesn’t matter what your program, certificate, subject, or course code is, we provide for all. We make sure that you get the marks that you deserve. Just contact our team and they will help you to get your desired IGNOU solved guess papers